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Build your own commercial infrastructure?
       - How many people do we need?
       - How much will it cost?

Building your commercial team and the necessary infrastructure requires capital and is inherently risky.  What happens if your drug’s approval is denied or delayed?  How will you keep your people engaged while you wait, or even worse how do you let them go fairly and equitably?

With PartnersPlus Group at your side, the team is already in place and set to go as your timeline dictates with no worries about staffing or the subsequent risk involved. 


Partner with another pharmaceutical company?
        - Who is the best partner? Will we be able to work with them?
        - How will we build our company’s value?

If you partner with another pharmaceutical company what will you give up to that new partner?  If it’s a large pharma company, you will no doubt lose control over the marketing and sales effort, and you will be giving up a substantial portion of revenue and/or profit.  Finally, does this partnership make your company more valuable for the next drug in development, or for the next opportunity?

PartnersPlus Group offers you the expertise of a complete organization without the loss of autonomy and at a significant cost savings.


Sell and distribute your new product to another company?
- Am I getting a good deal?
       - Does this make the most sense?

If you sell your product, how do you know you  will be getting a “fair” value for it?  Will you look back with regret if the product becomes a commercial success?

Partners Plus Group has a successful track record in all areas of commercialization including market development, reimbursement, distribution and sales force management of major new pharmaceutical offerings.