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Market Analysis and Development

The focus of the PartnersPlus Group process is driven by the analytical data derived from the initial Market Analysis. Based on the
results of the analysis, PartnersPlus Group develops a set of strategic imperatives. Finally, tactics which are a natural progression
from research-driven strategic imperatives are recommended and implemented.

Market Analysis

  • Landscape Assessment
  • Assess current therapeutic options
  • Understand referral and diagnosis patterns
  • Product “X” perceptions
  • Key Opinion Leader Mapping
  • Identify potential early adopters
  • Identify potential clinical trialists
  • Groundwork for segmentation
  • Preliminary reimbursement data
  • Begin market development effort 

Market Development

  • Medical Science Liaison deployment
  • Disease state awareness
  • Patient clustering data
  • Advocate development
  • Conventions and regional meetings
  • Symposia and Advisory Panels
  • Publications
  • Grants and fellowship programs

Sample Market Analysis Charts

PPG Market AnalysisPartnerPlus analytical data

PartnersPlus Group